About Eighty One

EIGHTY ONE, established in 2012, is a company that sells cotton batik-themed clothes online. The founder of Eighty One, Mrs. Tia, batik enthusiast who is always defending the batik art in the modern fashion world on stage until today.

Eighty One’s specialty is to raise awareness among the young generation to love and to wear batik. Eighty One introduces the modern batik that still maintains the originality of the batik art by making a variety of different creations in producing tops and skirts that is able to match the daily outfit, as well as formal clothes to wear to the office and events.

Eighty One sees that in today’s world, most of the young generation push away the tradition of wearing batik. To them, batik is usually worn by the older generation and it is an old trend. Thus, Eighty One had taken the initiative to re-introduce the batik art into today’s fashion by emphasizing on the use of suitable colours, fabric and pattern that matches the taste of the younger generation. In general, the younger generation’s assumption is that the batik fabric is made of silk, and the price of owning it is expensive. Not only that, they, too, assume that batik-style clothes are usually the dull ones, such as kurung, kain batik, and batik lepas. Due to this, Eighty One introduces batik that uses cheaper cotton fabric. In addition, the colours and patterns chosen suit the taste of the younger generation today.

In short, Eighty One is a company that produces unique modern batik-style clothes which follows today’s trend, without leaving out the traditional batik elements in each and every product that they create.

*Important Note: We already closed our boutique in  Central I-City Mall Shah Alam on 26th April 2021.

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Eighty One 
“Between style & culture”